Wenshu Xie

Moon House 
April - May 2013

The house is a studio for a painter.

The project is my memory of fragmented pictures.

The pictures are four faces inside and one outside.

The house is so called Moon House because my imagination of the house is vague and clear like the moonlight.

While I was making the house, I learned who I am and what I want.

I found another door to open, the reflection of the pictures.



Curatorial Statement

Wenshu Xie explores fragmented memories of spatial experiences in an exercise of an intuitive rationalization of the design process to realize the many layers and perspectives of the Moon House. She rethinks the idea of rationality inherent in architectural design process by not beginning with the typical grid, mass or parcel, but instead translating the flow, feeling and ambiance of the space with pencil onto paper. In her series of drawings she takes the viewer up and down, in and out, and through rabbit holes with moonlight as the guide to convey an inner relation to the space and the painter who inhabits the house.

The Moon House comes together in a final book that resolves and refines the space with images of watercolors that set the tone, elevations that reveal layers and the illusion of mirrors to develop the floor plans.

Wenshu Xie is a former graduate student at School of Architecture in Virginia Tech, and currently a designer at an architecture firm, Kazia Li Design Collaborative.