Tulip Project

During the 2012 tulip season in my old neighborhood I collected the fallen petals of tulips and preserved them in beeswax. Each one reminds me of a brush stroke of paint. I sewed them together and created a relief sculpture of which the overall shape mimics the petal shape and takes flight like a bird. The color of the petal continued to deteriorate over the last year, but has seemed to settle into a less vibrant, sepia tone.

This area of Wicker Park/Bucktown is very affluent with many large, single family homes where the planting and growing of annual tulips is much more prevelant then the corner of South Logan Square where I live now. It brings many socio-economic thoughts to the table and how the establishment of well landscaped yards denotes a certain status of home care, ownership and the ability to make a commitment to a neighborhood.

I was just renting bystander in the area for a couple years, but on my daily walks enjoyed and honored the moments of the blooming flowers, then their slow deterioration.