Sarah Heller & Rebecca Cox

Sarah Heller & Rebecca Cox
April - June 2014

Artist Statement
This two-person show of collages and paintings is collaboration between friends who find beauty in discarded objects they collect.

Sarah’s MArch thesis focused on material sustainability and she believes fundamentally that the majority of the materials consumed today are not designed to die. In this series of paintings she uses ground up plastic beverage bottles and interprets them into ‘seascapes’, which is a commentary on the serious impact plastic has on land and ocean pollution. The majority of her work focuses on repurposing waste materials into pigments and textures on a canvas, giving new meaning to these materials.

Rebecca seeks to physically and emotionally document experience and place through collage, drawing and painting. Over a period of two years she lived and worked in in four different neighborhoods of Berlin, Germany; moving each time with only two suitcases. Experiences and interactions became more important than possessions and Rebecca began documenting these moments by gathering and composing small, transportable artifacts into collage. The pieces presented in this show are explorations and records of this ephemeral time.

Artist Bios
Sarah Heller is a Kentucky artist/California-licensed architect painting full-time at the Bread Box Studio Artists space in Lexington, Kentucky. Architecture and painting to her are synonymous. She received her Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture degrees from the University of Kentucky and has worked in the field internationally, in the process embracing the necessity of incorporating sustainable materials and practices into our built environment.  She now applies these lessons and materials in her work as a visual artist, based out of her studio in Lexington.  Since the summer of 2012 she has dedicated her passion for painting as a full-time career. Her work has been exhibited in California and Kentucky.  She also offers programs on sustainability in life and art to groups of all ages.

Rebecca Cox is a designer and artist in Lexington, KY. A graduate of the University of Kentucky, College of Architecture, Rebecca lived, studied and worked in Europe and Latin America before returning home to Kentucky (with a 5 year layover in Chicago). A semester studying urban design in Cuba and two years working on architectural competitions in what was formerly known as ‘East Berlin’ exposed her to cultures that value memory and resourcefulness over material possessions. These experiences influenced her to apply a similar mentality to her artwork and life. She continues to travel, collecting rather than purchasing ‘souvenirs’ and transforming them using collage, painting and drawing to create visual, personal record of her experiences.

Rebecca currently works as a designer and project manager at Alt32, an architectural design firm and fabrication studio in Lexington, Kentucky.