Origami Sculpture

A school of fish finds its strength in numbers and interconnectedness, just like wehumans do as a community.

I created this collaborative sculpture for visitors to the RTKL Chicago office for the Chicago Architectural Foundation's Annual Open house, October 19-20th, 2013. Visitors were invited to create an origami fish with the help of a You Tube video on an Ipad.  My favorite part about the finished piece is that everyone made the fish their own way of folding or some people shared their origami genius by making different fish and objects to include.

In preparation for the event, I created an armature of fishing line and paper clips for ease of hanging of the school of fish. Dan Russell, a co-worker and friend, created a 3D model of a school of fish in Revit to help me determine spacing and string length. Jackie Jackson and other co-workers were helpful in the cutting of string and getting the piece ready for the event. It was an amazingly beautiful and successful collaboration with many.