Moses Scott

March-June 2012: Untitled by Moses Scott
Curatorial Statement

Moses Scott is an employee of RTKL who recently transferred to the Shanghai office from Chicago. Last year, while Moses was working on a project in Shanghai, he spent his free time capturing digital photographs of life, architecture and landscapes while discovering China and Singapore. After sifting through thousands of photos, Moses and I created a show of his work that is a non-traditional with a futuristic narrative, using light and color as a guide. These large format photos are printed on acetate.

Our collaboration in creating Moses's inaugural art exhibition has inspired both of us. Moses is making plans to start showing his work in other venues and is creating a 3D virtual model of the gallery for BIM educational purposes.  I plan to continue collaborating and guiding more of my colleagues to express their creative and artistic sides in the Chicago office. - Amie Sell

Follow Moses's journey in Shanghai via Flickr.