Mark Lauterbach

Carbon Werkshop
April - August 2015

Artist’s Statement
We live in a time and place where material objects are becoming increasingly disposable and victim of neglect. In this new culture where one collects and is constantly presented with new and exciting products, it becomes both easy and encouraging to obtain replacements for the "old" in favor of the perceived "new".  We fail to see the value of the blemished and worn counterparts which fall victim to this concept of the new disposable society.

​Carbon werkshop is a concept that embraces steel works of handmade art and technology, rebuilds them as they once were, or repurposes them into hybrid versions, with the goal of re-invention. Each aquired product is carefully and sensitively researched, dismantled, restored, documented, reassembled, and photographed, and given a birth certificate celebrating it's new life. 

Mission: the passionate preservation of beautifully designed products from the distant past.

Artist Bio

Mark Lauterbach is a Vice President of Commercial Architecture practice at RTKL Chicago. He graciously volunteered to share his passionate hobby with us.