Light of Fireflies 2010

Fireflies are a species of insects that intrigue us all with their bioluminescent properties and their benign nature. They evoke joyous memories of childhood summer nights when you would capture them in jars and then fall asleep with them glowing by your bedside.  Those bioluminescent properties are exactly what came back to mind when, as adult, I was introduced to the art-making process called Lumetype.  Lumetype was invented by Caro d’Offay and while working for her she taught me about the amazing properties of light and the potential for making a new kind of art with it. (Visit to learn more)

The number one lesson I learned from the using light in art-making, was that light acts simultaneously as a wave and particle and the more you try to control it will defy your logic.  

In the summer of 2010, I set out to Lumetype the light of fireflies.  I conducted the experiment 3 times and was only successful at making prints once.  Working with live subjects, capturing them humanely, learning why they glow and their sexual habits were all part of my trial and error methods of working with them.  Ask about my adventures about working with the fireflies sometime and I will be happy to tell you the stories.  I am looking forward to summer 2011 and printing more of the light from the fireflies. 

These prints were shown in the exhibition Hard Science at the Chicago Art Department in August 2010.