Living Building Challenge: Greenhouse Design 'Looper'

Update 04/11/14: We are continuing to win awards: SXSW ECO 'Global Potential' & AIA DC UnBuilt

Update 10/07/13: An official website has been created for The Looper.

Update 05/16/13: We just received notification that the SnoLeaf chapter of the Living Building Council has awarded the project 1st prize and wants to actually build it!! Stay tuned!

I worked with a talented team of designers, architects and engineers to create a submission for a Living Building Challenge contest to design a greenhouse that is able to grow food and plants for food banks and farms in the Pacific Northwest bioregion. Our design, dubbed the "Looper", appropriates the atypical brownfield site of the Snohomish river by repurposing a barge and turning it into a greenhouse that can travel to multiple communities. It utilizes all natural processes to remediate the water and grow fish, plants and fresh, organic produce. It harnesses all its energy from renewable resources (sun, wind & water) and is a volunteer run space with a co-op work and educational ethic.

My responsibilities included researching the region, climate and culture to develop a comprehensive and realistic food production program that properly supplements the needs of the community and informed the design and layout of the floating space. Please see the entire submission here.