Light of Fireflies 2012

The 2012 firefly season came early with the heat wave and seemed to only last  about 3 weeks in my neighborhood. I was work on another intense project and began to worry that I would miss the season. Luckily, I found a few females while camping with friends at Sugar River Forest Preserve in Durand, IL.  This specie lived higher in the trees and bushes than most I have observed. The males were out of my reach, but luckily some ladies laid low in the bushes waiting for the males and I was able to snag them. 

While print two of the less shy ladies, I noticed if I put my finger on the paper, they would crawl around it.  So I grabbed the nearest object, a roll of tape, and put them inside the cardboard loop. They crawled and flashed their light around the perimeter. You can see their patterns start to become circular and in the long exposure you can see the 'shadow' of the loop that starts to appear from the light particles being contained and starting to mass.