Light of Fireflies 2011

This summer I continued my experiments with printing the light of fireflies. I conducted the experiment twice and was most successful with a male firefly, caught in an abandoned lot near my house in the city. Unlike other male fireflies, he did not fly up and splotch large spots of light; he instead strutted across the paper and pulsated streams of light. Placing a clear plastic grid over the paper, his light pulses created a pixelated effect as the light wrapped around the grid, showing its properties as a wave and a particle.

In the five prints shown here, you will see the digression of his light as the evening/night progressed. Fireflies typically light up from dusk into the night, approximately 2.5 - 3 hours. Each print in this series is about 15-20 minutes of this particular firefly's evening of bioluminescence.

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