Keith B. Evans

October - December 2011: Unreleased Backgrounds by Keith B. Evans

Artist Statement

Unreleased Backgrounds is a selection of views of my urban environment that depict subtle and not-so-subtle relationships.  These are portraits of what would otherwise play a supporting role to the life and landscape around us. By emphasizing what is overlooked, I want to reveal the complexity of our everyday surroundings by capturing the collaged layers of space, color and texture surrounding us in urban environments. 

 At first glance, these pictures appear banal with something out of place, giving way to dynamic moments where urban density has taken over; physical alterations have been made and unlikely elements are forced to occupy the same space.  There is a beauty in the way changes are fabricated to accommodate imperfect situations.  It’s the nature of incessant urban change.

 Artist Bio

Keith B. Evans first discovered his passion for photography while documenting his work at the University of Kentucky, College of Architecture.  Keith studied abroad in Paris, France and Venice, Italy.  While in Europe, he discovered the complex relationships in the densities and intricate layers of the old cities: the many elements that define the fabric of a city each revealed a subtle beauty and personality.

 Keith has resided in Los Angeles and Chicago, working professionally as an architect for a variety of residential and commercial design firms.  For Keith, photography has been a research tool and a medium for meditation.  His compositions are influenced by architectural drawings and intriguing examples of texture, space and light. Keith’s photography is a record of his own observations of his environment; his images become a collection of sketches and relationships to his surroundings.

Keith has exhibited photographs in Lexington, KY & Los Angeles, CA, & Chicago, IL.