Justin Vaughn

A Shaded Cloak of Shadow by Justin Vaughn
January - February 2014

Artist’s Statement

Justin Vaughn is a portrait photographer that works in the RTKL Chicago office by day. He has been exploring photography for 3 years, beginning as a hobby, quickly turning his passion and great technical ability into freelance work. This collection of images, entitled A Shaded Cloak of Shadow, are photographed through Justin’s unique vision as he explores the fine line between the standard, commercially-acceptable portrait genre and the beauty he discovers in the ‘mistakes’ or bending of the rules.


His intention in this gallery space is to express the different ways one can use shadow to shape an image, simultaneously revealing and concealing the environment or the definition of a human figure. By displaying his work in the gallery setting, he feels he is able to express more freedoms in his photography. Most significantly, ignoring basic posing guidelines and allowing each of the subject’s personality to shine and express their true self. Each image is a glimpse at what each subject is truly like on the inside, providing an honest portrait of inner emotion to the audience.