CANstruction World Record

WE DID IT! We have received official notification that we have set the Guiness World Record for the "World's Largest Canned Food Sculpture".

CANstruction is a competition that Architects and Engineers participate in to help fight hunger in an artistic and fun way.

Our team from RTKL Chicago donated their time and skills to help John Deere  design and build is of a life size sculpture of their latest combine, dubbed "Project CAN-DO".  The structure ended up being about life size, standing at 17’-6” Tall, 55’ wide, and about 80’ long. It was built out of about 310,000 cans and 12,000 bags of food. The design took our team 2 months to prepare in Revitt and the build took 5 days to complete. Over 500 volunteers helped build it in 4 hour shifts under our direction.   

Working with this team on such a massive project was an amazing and successful experience. I learned more about organization, preparation and volunteer management then I could have imagined.

CANstruction Team Photo: Patick Murphy, Melissa Sheahan, Dan Russell, Amie Sell, Chris Michaud, Leanne Love.
(not pictured: William Kwon, George Podrebac, Jen Deem, Kevin Montgomery, Michael Schwindenhammer and Bryan Finnegan)

The most difficult challenge for me was on the last day of the build having the volunteers create 120 individual cornstalks in front of the combine. The design of them was finalized only minutes before the volunteers arrived and it was a tediuos part of the project that took patience and teamwork. The most fun part about designing this project was going to Hyvee grocer, a sponsor, and finding all the cans to create our pallette.

All the food was donated to the local Quad Cities Food Bank. This project fed 125 families for one year.

This video made it look very easy, but it was took a lot of time, sweat and not too many tears.

This video showcases the cornstalk building and bad angles of me managing the volunteers.