House/Home Project

*During 2012-14, I am expanding on this project by re-creating the floor plans and models of each House & Home from memory. I see this as not a technical endeavor to try to make these drawings and models as close as possible to the real thing, but more of an exploration of my own memory in context to scale, emotion, relationships and narrative building.


I have taken on the quest of capturing pictures of all the dwellings I have lived in during my short life.  I have moved approximately 26 or 27 times. The totality of this work in progress has left me to ask serious questions about my past and where my future is heading. I do not think of myself as a transient person, just one that has lived a life full of change and experience. The idea for this project came from deep introspection during a move in 2010 to an apartment with a partner to form a home and the difference in our definitions of what the word 'home' meant.

I recently completed taking the last couple of pictures of my homes for the photographic portion of this project while on a trip to Spain in October 2012. Many thanks to my extended military family, Ellie Rauser and Nasy Tun for getting me onto the US Naval Staion Rota and helping me complete this effort.

(Left: Nasy & Ellie, my extended military family Right: Me with the Fruitman, Manolo, still delivering fruit on base)

There are dozens of clichés about the home: "home is where you hang your hat“, "home is where the heart is” and “home is not where you live, but where they understand you”. They are all true.

Each one of these pictures is of a container in which my life’s events have played out. Good, bad, happy, bittersweet, devastating, elating.  I am grateful to all of the wonderful people I have shared these places with and the homes they created with me.