From the Streets and From the Lake

A collection collaboration by Amie Sell, Melissa Sheahan and Hailey Kallberg July - August 2012  

FROM THE STREETS (North Westside Chicago street glass collection) by Amie Sell
collected August 2011 through July 2012  

in my neighborhood, on my typical routes noticing shattered glass,
gathered in piles, curbside

beautiful, blue-green, translucent gems, dusted aside with forsaken purpose
treasuring that moment of transformation and transgression
i sweep up the pieces, then painstakingly, isolate them, cleaning away debris
marked by the intersection from where they were found
honoring that moment of violation        

FROM THE LAKE (a Lake Michigan beach glass collection) found, loved, and shared by Melissa Sheahan and Haley Kallberg
collected May 2010 through June 2012  

we go to collect thoughts. to find peace. to spend time. sometimes it’s like it’s so loud. in this city. and in our minds.  

it was immediate.  the connection.  the love and understanding.  of jagged pieces.  once broken.  displaced and lost.  treasures now.  smoothed down over time.  waves crashing and currents they were destined to follow and survive.  changing their existence. makes me wonder. as I consider mine.

they live in groups.  washing up in the same place most times.  each one having its own journey and story inside.  sometimes we throw them back. sometimes they are not ready yet.  sometimes we walk the beaches for what feels like miles.

when you are out looking for something, you find something else sometimes.