Bus Rapid Transit - HALO

Worked with a team of architectural designers and engineers to create a competition entry for the purposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system that may fill some commuting and transit gaps in the City of Chicago. The competition was the 2013 Burnham Prize sponsored by the Chicago Architectural Club and we received an Honorable Mention.

The design honors the forward momentum of the urban figure and the power to create continuous positive urban change through transit systems, HALO creates a human-scale space giving way to increased transparency, simple sustainability, and beautiful, integrated forms that bestow a sense of security and calm amongst the chaos of the urban landscape, inspiring a sense of purpose and hope for the future.

My role on the team was to help develop the overall concept and set metrics and goals we wanted to acheive. Here are some of the metrics we acheived:

  • Harnesses abundant, clean heat and energy from the sun through the use of thin film, glass-integrated PV technology while protecting commuters from the harshness of Midwestern winters.
  • Incorporates LED lighting and infrared radiant heat elements.
  • Mimics human movement, each steel “halo” arch is stretched out like a human stride for graceful movement • Utilizing new technology, the raised and activated walking surface captures kinetic energy expended from foot traffic—approximately 7 watts per tile per foot strike.
  • Houses an underground rain water collection cistern to reduce impact on the city’s drainage system and mitigate future flooding.
  • Projects a combined 40-45% energy savings through its combined energy harvesting and efficiency systems which would be equal to the entire annual nightly lighting power required for the bus station.

Here is the entire competition entry. The entry was also featured in the TransFormKC Exhibition in Kansas City, Missouri.