Branding Pillar Installation

The Branding Pillar installation was part of an internal rebranding effort by the global architecture firm that employs me. As a team, we were tasked with creating a visual representation of the 4 new brand 'pillars' of our company: Connect, Solve, Enrich & Explore. Taking advantage of our large, open common space we created a hanging sculpture of string and object/artifacts that represented each pillar. The installation was rolled out over a week, giving each pillar its own day to be unveiled. A short, multi-media experience was projected to visually reinforce the concept of each pillar and how it relates to our experiences in and around our Chicago office.  

Our team:  Amie Sell, Blaise Durio, Gigg Hemwattakit, Katherine Baldwin, Leanne Love & Michael Baldwin

The video was edited by Gigg Hemwattakit and together, she and I created the video concepts, storyboards and shot the footage. Music is by The Books and was selected by Michael Baldwin. Special thanks to Erica Carvalho, Moses Scott and Lori Mukoyamma for making some of our greatest camera shots happen.