Baja in a Box

Baja California is a magical place, full of magical people and breath-taking scenery. This peninsula has miles of endless beach on the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. Forget Tijuana and Cabo San Lucas, there is plenty of solitude and adventure to find in the miles between. Where else on this earth can you sleep on a beach and not get hassled? Get lost in the desert and find beautiful oasis's like Cayon Guadalupe? Get your vehicle stuck in the sand and fisherman will come by to give you a tow and beer is the only payment form they accept?

I created this medicine box o'Baja from my last trip there with Baja Trek. Their biodiesel powered bus has regular tours around the peninsula, offering fantastic get-a-ways for those in the mood for a bumpy ride in the desert in search fun, relaxation and camping with kindred spirits.

Each day, I took a picture to correspond with the time of day labeled on the medicine box and gathered a bit of earth, flora or shell to create a grid of mini-shadowboxes that I can view anytime to give me dose of Baja. Curing what ails, especially in these cold, dreary days of the Chicago winter.