Artist Bio

Artist Bio

Art is my conduit for understanding how I relate to our world and by creating objects and installations, my hopeful intention is to provoke the audience into rethinking about how they relate to the world. Memory, connection and community are recent threads that have been appearing in my creative practice.

My aspiration is to continually discover bridges between art, science, the built environment and the human condition. Art and science both foster curiosity and perpetuate a sense of understanding and grounding. My interest in the built environment comes from working with architects. My interest in the human condition add an important layer of emotion, understanding and empathy to my work.

I chose to become an artist because this career label provides me the freedom to explore ideas and develop projects that fall into gray areas. Since graduating from college, I have worked hard to stay on this path and to continually challenge myself while spending time being introspective, finding true meaning and fostering collaborations.

I graduated from the University of WI-Green Bay in 2002 with a degree in Art & Museum/Gallery Studies. For the last 13 years, I have been living and working in Chicago and held artist in residencies with the Chicago Art Department (2010-12), Grace Church Logan Square, Chicago (Winter 2014) and The Ketchikan Arts & Humanities Council, Alaska (Spring 2018). Currently, I'm a resident with CORE Residency Program at the Chicago Art Department (Fall 2018/Winter 2019).

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