Art in Unity Park 2015

Unity Park reached out to me to help them with their annual Art in the Park event. I pitched an idea to have children create their own neighborhood one home at a time and they supported the effort. Unity Park is centrally located in Logan Square and is the only green space for kids to play for many square blocks. The neighborhood is under rapid gentrification and the diversity of the park is changing, as well.  A project with families and kids to think about their house, home and neighborhood was a great excercise for all.

We collected 100+ large moving boxes and supplies to decorate. It was important for me that the boxes were large so the children could experience a scale closer to their own and play inside them, if they wanted. In the end we collectively created an ecclectic neighborhood from the artistic perspective of the families and children from Logan Square. It was a success measured by the fact that we ran out of boxes well before the day was over.

Here is a video featuring the project: