Our Treasureland Collages

The cut-up method allowed me to get creatively warmed up. Alaska is an amazing and vast land with a variety of climates, endless nature and vast resources. Finding the “Alaska’ book from a family patriarch was fitting, as I’ve been spending time thinking about my own privilege as a white woman and feelings of entitlement come from pioneering views of the world. The white man clearly wrote this book, from their victor POV. Long landscape compositions were inspired by the endless horizon and scale of the mountains at every view around Alaska.

Cut-up method collages of the 1959 book ‘Alaska: Our Treasureland.” This process was integral to warming up my creative flow and leading me to think about how Alaska was viewed as a final frontier, full of opportunity for white men to harvest gold, catch endless fish and clear-cut timber all with blatant disregard for the indigenous populations. It is a collection of essays, photos and illustrations from a leather-bound, gold leaf embossed book that I inherited from a patriarch in the family that I remixed.