AIR at Grace Church, Logan Square

Grace Church , January 2015
B&W photos transfers on Acetate

During my Artist in Residency at Grace Church I set out to explore how a community activates a building. My previous work has examined the difference between the house and home, so I took a leap into seeing how the church building is brought to life, given purpose, used by its members. By discovering an archive of photos dating back to the 1920s, I was able to find snapshots, portraits and images that captured moments in time that defined the purpose and activity of the church at that moment. I’ve collected those moments, along with portraits of the current community and remixed them into a site-specific artwork that honors all those moments and people, past and present that have created this church, your church.

Traditional stained glass that often tells the stories of the bible illuminating church spaces is my inspiration for the site I selected for the installation. Allowing the photos of the peopl, past and present, to tell the story of Grace Church.

Excerpt from piece written by Grace Church Curators describing the Residency:
(full document here)
"One condition of the Studio 3325 residency is that the resident artist agrees to gift Grace with one piece of artwork at the end of the program for the church’s constituency to enjoy long after the end of the artist’s term. Amie went beyond just gifting Grace an artwork and instead created an installation in the windows of one of most frequented meeting rooms in the church for learning, conversing, and discovering. Amie photographed people who currently attend our worship services and scanned historical images from Grace’s archive. She printed the images on transparency material and then collaged and affixed them to the windows. This installation entitled, Grace Church (2015), references stained glass, a décor widely used in churches throughout time, to depict the shared narratives and communities that form a church. Grace Church acts as a record of the history of our building, our community, and our neighborhood for all to see. Amie’s work as both an activist and an artist is rooted in hope and preservation and we are honored to have her as our inaugural artist-in-resident, to have hosted an engaging public programming series, and to be the home of a vibrant installation piece that embodies those principals as part of the Studio 3325 Artist-In-Residence program at Grace Church of Logan Square."


Excerpt from Press Release:
Grace Church of Logan Square Announces Artist-in-Residence Program: Amie Sell

Opening Reception: October 25, 2014 6-8pm
Run: October 4 - January 4
Open Studio: Sundays 11:30 – 12:30pm

Grace Church of Logan Square is pleased to announce the creation of an Artist-In-Residence program with Amie Sell as the inaugural artist. Join us for an opening reception featuring her most recent project, “Home Sweet Home,” on Saturday October 25, from 6-8pm at Grace Church. An exhibition of this work will be on view in the studio space at Grace Church from October 4 - January 4th. Open studio hours will take place every Sunday from 11:30am – 12:30pm and public programs in conjunction with the artist will be announced separately.

Amie Sell is a long-term resident of Logan Square. Her project “Home Sweet Home” deals with the architectural and emotional implications of redevelopment and displacement in the neighborhood. Blankets, a chair and a collage holding imagery depicting areas of the neighborhood currently involved in this stasis of change. While in residence at Grace Church, Sell will be returning to work on an ongoing project that investigates memory and emotional space of “home.” Sell has moved over twenty times in her life and as a result has a wide range of definitions of home. She hopes to spend the time in residence solidifying this project into a comprehensive body of work.

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